The Book of Ruth – C&V Catch up

Here is a catchup from this weeks Chapter & Verse

The Big Story: The book of Ruth, set in the time of the Judges, is about Ruth being redeemed by a Kinsman Redeemer called Boaz.

Key word: Redemption

The problem: Ruth and Naomi are in the midst of grieving and famine, with no way out. They have nothing to give and no prospects. They resort to gleaning in the fields (picking up the left overs) to feed themselves.

How the problem is resolved: Upon returning to God’s people, Boaz went above and beyond the law to ensure that Ruth was redeemed. He followed the laws of marriage by looking for a closer kinsman/redeemer than himself. One was found but he was not worthy and so Boaz  made a transaction to pass it down to Boaz. He married Ruth and they bore a son, Obed who was the father of Jesse, the father of King David.

Route to Jesus: The bloodline of Jesus Christ the Redeemer for all mankind traces back to Boaz and Ruth. They were not forgotten but redeemed and set free to love. This is a beautiful picture that redemption is for all if we put our trust in Jesus.


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