1 Samuel 1-15 – C&V Catch up

Here is a catchup from this weeks Chapter & Verse

The Big Story: Set in the time at the end of the Judges and at the beginning of the Kings.

Key word: Kingship

The problem: Samuel was dedicated to the Lord’s service at 12 years of age and was called by God to be a prophet. During this time the Ark of the Covenant was taken by the Philistines and put into the house of the Philistine god, Dagon, who fell to his face in worship in the presence of the Ark. The second time it broke into pieces. Afraid, the Philistines offered sacrifices of repentance and returned the Ark of the Covenant. Later we see Israel demanding to have a king, and God told Samuel to give them a king. However the king needed to be compatible with the relationship with God, to rule under God, but the Israelites wanted a king like the nations around them with the king being the highest authority. So how does a king rule under the authority of God? Samuel sent out some rules in a book. (Chapter 10:25) Unfortunately, Saul didn’t follow these rules and went against God.

How the problem is resolved: This passage displays offices which highlight 3 problems that the people of Israel and ourselves had:

1. Samuel – prophet: represents God to the people. Problem with the law/truth.

2. Eli – priest: represents the people to God. Problem with guilt.

3. Saul – king: represents God’s rule over the people. Problem with corruption.

Route to Jesus: No one in the Old Testament was ever prescribed all three of these offices (max of 2). Jesus has been prescribed all three. He was a prophet, bringing truth to people in the form of himself (John 1:1-14). He was more than a priest, he was the great high priest bringing the people to God, offering not any sacrifice but sacrifices Himself. Not just a king but King of kings, ruling over the people.

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