Brooklyn Papyrus

In this mornings sermon we mentioned the Brooklyn Papyrus that provides evidence that the Hebrews were in Egypt during the 18th Century BC. This supports the biblical idea that the Exodus took place in the 15th Century BC.

Brooklyn Papyrus

The Brooklyn Papyrus contains a list of the names of 95 slaves. 70% of the names are Hebrew, including Asher and Issachar. 10 of the names have direct links to other passages in the bible:

Menahema, a feminine form of Menahem 2 Kings 15:14
Ashera, a feminine form of Asher, the name of one of the sons of Jacob Genesis 30:13
Shiphrah, the name of one of the Hebrew midwives prior to the Exodus Exodus 1:15
Aqoba, feminine form of Jacob Genesis 25:26
Ayyabum, the name of the patriarch Job Job 1:1
Sekera, which is a feminine name of Issakar Genesis 30:18
Dawidi-huat a compound name utilizing the name David 1 Samuel 16:13
Sebtw, a name derived from the Hebrew word eseb meaning “herb” Deuteronomy 32:2
Hayah-wr another compound name composed of Eve and meaning “bright life” Genesis 3:20
Hy’b’rw, which appears to be an Egyptian transcription of Hebrew Genesis 39:14

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