Dr Warren Wiersbe

Dr. Warren Wiersbe died yesterday in Lincoln, Nebraska at the age of 89. For those not aware, Dr Wiersbe, known as “the pastor’s pastor”, is the author of some 150 books on the Bible. He is also known as a broadcaster, airing his Bible radio program “Back to the Bible” throughout the world. He has also been a lecturer at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Dallas Theological Seminary.

During my own sermon preparations, I don’t remember a week going by when I haven’t wondered “what would Wiersbe say?” and then proceeded to look up what indeed he would say. His writing is straightforward and rich.

I’ll leave you with this … Erwin Lutzer (form Senior Pastor of The Moody Church where Wiersbe was also a Senior Pastor before him) wrote his autobiography and asked Wiersbe to write the forward. I was particularly struck by his words, given the fact that I’m preparing to teach the first chapter of Exodus shortly):

“It’s not an easy road, but if the Lord has called us and put us where we are, He will see to it that we will know His will and accomplish it no matter how impossible it might seem.”

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