Christians in Politics

On 23 June the UK votes on whether to remain in the EU. We’ve decided to publish and re-publish a series of articles and links to help how you approach the vote. As a church we take no view on whether the UK should remain or leave the EU and the articles linked do not necessarily represent the view of the church leadership. We, as ever, encourage you to be discerning and we post these articles and links to enable you to do that.

Christians in Politics is “an all-party, non-denominational platform for Christians involved, or seeking to get involved, in politics and public life.”. It’s vision is to “see Christians responding to God’s call to positive engagement in party politics and government.” This is why this website is a must visit for every Christian planning to vote on June 23rd.

There is a separate post that heavily quotes one of their articles about how we disagree – worth a read.

For now though, Christians in Politics, and specifically their EU site is definitely worth a visit.


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