Think, Pray, Vote

On 23 June the UK votes on whether to remain in the EU. We’ve decided to publish and re-publish a series of articles and links to help how you approach the vote. As a church we take no view on whether the UK should remain or leave the EU and the articles linked do not necessarily represent the view of the church leadership. We, as ever, encourage you to be discerning and we post these articles and links to enable you to do that.

Think, Vote, Pray is a resource put together by various church groups, with support from the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office. It’s a free downloadable PDF that covers topics such as the single market, sovereignty and the environment. Guiding the reader through a series of issues there are also sections that ask the reader to reflect on what the Bible has to say. It is an easy read but due to the reflection time required is quite a volume of work. Here’s the link


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