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We’re On-Line Only Tomorrow

As you’ll have seen from our email earlier this week, unfortunately we’re unable to meet together in person tomorrow.  Church is probably going to look a little like the above for a few weeks!

While this is naturally disappointing, we fully support the leadership of Great Oaks School in their decision.  They have very graciously allowed us to use the hall with a small team.  So, I, along with a core team of people far more technically-minded that me, will strive by God’s grace to live-stream church from there.

Here are a few notes and suggestions:

Check the Time!

While it may seem extremely counter-intuitive given today’s weather, it is still technically the Great British Summertime, but only until 2am tonight!  Most likely, half your timepieces will update, the other half will not, and you’ll spend a good portion of the morning trying to figure out which clocks to believe.  Hopefully you’ll get to grips with the time before the service begins!

Connect with us for Prayer

I was really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  Since we can’t, let’s come together on Zoom to pray.  In faith, I choose to believe that we’ll have all the technical things set up on time.  So, at 10:00 please join the Zoom prayer meeting at this link:

It’s also an event on the church calendar so you’ll see it on the website and in the subscription if you’ve subscribed.

Be ready to worship

Over the next two weeks I’ll be leading a couple of studies on the subject of worship.  It would be easy for us to think that our worship is inhibited by the enemy – or by the government.  That would be such a mistake!  You and I can still worship our Heavenly Father, so be ready to do just that.

  • Can you plug your computer into a TV to get a bigger picture and better sound?
  • As we sing together, why not stand and raise your voice?  We’ve been unable to do that at Great Oaks, so give it your all tomorrow!
  • Can you gather with someone?  The guidelines still allow up to six people to come together.  By my count, that’s three couples that could pray and worship together.  Whom could you invite?


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