Covid Update – September 21

It’s about time we sent out yet another Covid-19 update to you but rather than go over things we’ve already said (you can read that here), there is one thing that everyone needs to start doing as a matter of habit so that we don’t have to start asking you to wear masks and book seats.

The most effective way for us to continue meeting – without restrictions including wearing face masks etc – is that everyone takes a Covid test on Saturday or Sunday morning.

The reason for this is that if everyone who is coming to church has tested negative within 24 hours of meeting, the risks of meeting are dramatically reduced. This is far more effective than wearing masks or staying 2 metres apart.

We don’t want to put in place lots of extra precautions – and we won’t need to it if we know there is a good chance Covid isn’t in the building. We can only do this if everyone is testing on Saturday or Sunday morning. This is still the best way to protect others.

If you have tested, and you are negative, you also know that when we meet on Sunday there is little danger of anyone contracting the illness. This means you can sing and you can fellowship without  worrying about the extra rules.

Of course that isn’t to say that testing is fool proof, there is still a risk, but the risk is greatly reduced (but around 70%). So what we’d like to say is that let’s all pull together to keep Covid away from our doors – the best way to do that is to test on Saturday or Sunday morning – if you’re negative come and enjoy the fellowship. If you’re positive, enjoy online church and let us know you’ve tested positive so we can pray for you and, where needed, help with anything practical.

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