What’s Next After Romans?

As we coming to the end of our study through the Book of Romans I though I’d give you some idea about what is coming up on a Sunday morning between September and May. I’ve had a couple of questions about what the preaching series will be and whilst things are always subject to change this is what is drafted in:

24 October 21 – After 18 months in this wonderful letter we will complete the book of Romans.

31 October 21 – Testimonies. This Sunday will be given over to others to tell us how God has been working in them as we’ve been going through the Book of Romans, 1 John and as we complete the small groups. Please be praying about sharing 5-10 minutes – the more people we have the better.

14 November 21 – We will start a four-week topical series called “Uncomfortable” which is about the awkward but essential challenge of Christian Community.  Rather than attempting to find our dream church, we must embrace the uncomfortable and difficult parts of the Christian life in order to grow and experience gospel community.

12 December 21 – we will start our Christmas series and this year the teaching topic concerns the songs of Christmas. We’ll look at Zachariah’s Song of Faith, Mary’s Song of Trust and Simeon’s Song of Hope. At the moment we are not planning on having a Sunday Service on Boxing Day. As already advertised, we’re planning on having our Carol Service on 24 December, our Christmas Day service on 25th and so to give everyone some much deserved rest there will not be a Sunday Service on Boxing Day. This of course is open to change but this is the draft (daft?) idea so far!

9 January 22 – beginning 2022 we will start a series through the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, following by a series on the Lord’s Prayer in Luke.

Our Easter Services will cover John 9-10 as we ask the Question: “The God You’re looking For?”

29 May – we begin a greatly anticipated verse-by-verse study through the book of Revelation.  This series will take us through to March 2023. There are some great reasons why we need to study the book of Revelation and you can see some thoughts here

Throughout 2022 we will also have various speakers going verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Mark. 

We hope that this excites you to study God’s word and see what He has to say to us. Please do keep all of the speakers in your prayers as we seek His face and Word for our church and lives.


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