On 3rd January we will be “breaking bread” together. This is what is also known as “communion” or “The Lord’s Table”. As we can’t meet together in-person we are giving you advance notice so that you can purchase the bread and the juice/wine and take part at home. We are aware that in previous months we have distributed the elements to people’s homes but given the new Tier 4 restrictions, we are not going to be doing it this time.

Some FAQs:

  1. Do I have to purchase special wafers?
    1. Answer: no not at all. Although Jesus, when he first instituted this practise, would have used unleaved bread we think there is no point focusing on the elements themselves when Jesus said plainly to do it to remember Him. If you want to purchase Matzo wafers or something similar then great, otherwise a corner from a loaf of bread is more than adequate!
  2. What about the drink, what should I buy?
    1. Again, there is no doubt that Jesus would have drunk a diluted wine of some kind (In the New Testament wine was probably cut with 2 parts water to 1 part wine). However, please don’t go out and buy a bottle of wine just to take part with us on the 3rd! Grape juice, wine or even squash is adequate! Again, we want to focus on the meaning of “The Lord’s Table” rather than the process or mechanics.
  3. What about family, should they take it?
    1. We normally leave this up to the discretion of the parents. The only direction we would give is that we see this as something for believers. It’s good for your family to know this and to break bread with them, even if they do not participate (don’t’ excluded them).

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