How knowing our condition changes our practise

In this weeks talk we discussed the idea that in order to progress in our walk with the Lord and enter into this life-long process called “Sanctification” we must first know our condition. Knowing this changes everything. If we know we are forgiven, justified, adopted and sanctified we can start to live a life that isn’t seeking the approval of God to save us but seeks God’s delight BECAUSE He has already saved us.


Knowing that our past sins have been forgiven means that we no longer live in guilt or shame. The past, with all it’s baggage, has been forgiven completely because Jesus has paid the penalty for them. We don’t have to work from a place of shame in order to get to acceptance. We are already accepted because we are forgiven.


Forgiveness, as glorious as that is, is not enough. We need to be made right in God’s eyes. This is where justification comes in. It’s a legal term to mean that the debt has been paid and the debtor has been cleared. Now, because of what Jesus has done, we are innocent in the eyes of God.


Even more wonderful that forgiveness or justification is the idea of adoption. We don’t approach God as a Judge (although He still does very much judge), we approach Him as a good Father. We don’t have to work from a place of insecurity, wondering if He will be good to us. He is our Father.


Lastly, being sanctified means to be set aside as holy. The incredible – unbelievable – truth is that God see as pure and holy and has set us aside for His own pleasure.

Now, knowing our condition. Believing our condition is true means that we seek the things that God seeks in us – namely conformation to His Son. We don’t do this is earn salvation – but to bring pleasure to the One who has already saved us.



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