Link-a-thon – February

This week’s blog is a link-a-thon – a collection of relevant (and not so relevant) links from across the internet.

Don’t Compartmentalize Your Christianity

I love Paul Tripp’s blog – down to earth and rich. This week Paul wrote about the dangers of “compartmentalizing” your faith. Read it here:

Truth and Lies : Muhammad: The God of Islam

This is a discussion with two Islam experts Dr. Bill Warner and our friend Dr Jay Smith on the topic “Why is Muhammad elevated to the position of God?”


Exploring the Alps

In last weeks sermon, I mentioned my love of the Alps. if you’ve never been here is a wonderful trim lapse video called “Exploring the Alps”

Kobe’s Death Reminds Us Life Is Not Fair

I must admit: I’m not a follower of basketball and didn’t know who Kobe Bryant was until the news broke this week about his death. Still, it’s a sober reminder that death is not normal – it’s not right. In this helpful article, Greg Lauries reminds us that life isn’t fair:


Let’s face it, global pandemics are not new: we’ve all heard of the “Black Death” (aka the Great Plague) that occurred between 1347 – 1351. It was responsible for killing an estimated 75 to 200 million people. Much more recently, In 1918, the first recognised H1N1 influenza virus broke out infecting 500 million people and killing around 25 million. In our lifetime we’ve witnessed Ebola, the 2009 “swine flu” pandemic and the 2017 “bird flu” pandemic. Now, we’ve been hit by the Coronovirus. So far 11000 people have been infected, and 259 people have died. Here, apparently, is everything you need to know about the virus: Everything You Need to Know about the New Coronavirus from China.

Also, here is a map tracking its spread in real-time.

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