Making some changes

We are currently three weeks into an eleven-week series called “Small Things BIG Difference” and in this post, I simply want to encourage you towards two goals.

  1. Keep Going! We’ve talked about the fact that knowing our condition (Colossians 3:1) should alter our perspective on our current reality. If we’ve really be raised with Christ, our goals and gaze should be towards God and not earthly things. Next, we said that for us to mature and grow as Christians we really need to have a conviction about what is true. About what is right versus what is wrong (from God’s perspective). The way we do this is to listen to what God has to say to us as he speaks in the Bible through the Holy Spirit. Then, the most difficult part of all is commitment. We need to be committed to walk in the things we are learning. So my encouragement is to keep going with the triangulated bible study, keep going with the ACTS prayer … change will come if we can continue steadfast!
  2. Thank you! Many of you have already started seeing changes in your life – everything from increased love and zeal for things of the Lord, to being convicted about how you spending your time and money etc etc. I LOVE to hear about this stuff so please, please please, send me your stories!

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