Online Church

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced us to think really hard about what we do as a church. This update is simply to tell you what we are doing, and how you can stay in touch.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings will now be exclusively online. We are working incredibly hard to make this happen in a way that both upholds the Biblical mandate to meet together and honours our government.

Meeting online isn’t ideal. There will be technical issues that some people will face. It’s not a permanent solution and one day I look forward to standing in front of you all again.

The address of our church meeting is – if you click this now all you’ll get is a short video. If you click it on Sunday morning you’ll be able to join our service.

Please share this link. We’re aware that many churches in Southampton have decided to close their doors. There will be regular Facebook updates for you to do this.

Online Communities

We’ve always said that church is more than Sunday’s. So, we’ve launched “Online Communities” – face-to-face interaction we’re using a piece of software called Zoom to enable us to meet online. At the moment our online Communities consist of two four groups: our three existing “Life Groups” and a “Tea & Chat”.

Our Online Life Groups will have the same Bible Study content, worship and fellowship as we have face to face but it will be done over the internet. To access each Life Group please go to the Church Calendar or ChurchSuite and click the link on each event.

Our weekly Tea & Chat will also take place via our Online Community. This is simply for people to hang out and chat, to catch up with people and check-in. There’s really no agenda. This takes place from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm each Friday evening. Arrive anytime. Stay for 10 minutes or an hour – up to you. Again, to join, go to the Church Calendar or ChurchSuite and click the link on each event.


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