How to Read and Apply the Bible

If you’ve been around Calvary for the last few weeks you’ll already know that we are going through a teaching series called “Small things big difference” with the aim of equipping you with tools in the daily quest for Christlikeness. This week we’re looking at how we are to read and apply the Bible to our lives.

I want to take a moment and encourage you to come along on Sunday morning, and follow up at one of our mid-week Life Groups. The Bible is meant to be interpreted and applied in community. We are to meant to share in each other’s struggles, joys, and sorrows. In this context of community, what God says in the Bible and reveals through the Holy Spirit is meant to play a significant role in not only interpreting what the Bible means but interpreting life itself.

I believe that learning how to read and then apply the Bible is the most fundamental skill of any Christian to learn and we want to teach you how.

This week you’ll need a notebook and Bible. If you don’t have one please see this post.

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