Titus 1:1-4

In our monthly men’s bible study in November we started to look at Paul’s letter to Titus. We used an online tool called Google Docs to create a bible study map of the first 4 verses of Titus chapter 1. I’ve attached it here so you can see. It’s a pretty rough format but we hope that you’ll be blessed by it.

The main outcomes were:

  • God transforms people for and to His purpose. This means that Paul, who was a high ranking Pharisee had a complete change of heart and mind so that he could declare himself a servant of Jesus and a life dedicated to building up others in the faith (rather than persecuting Christians). God wants to do this with us to!
  • Am I sharing in those purposes?
    • Am I humble enough to accept God’s discipline in my life?
    • The church has a responsibility is declare what is true and to hear what is true and to then become more godly.
    • The culture is disparate and completely divided, and yet the church is called to have a common (koinonia) faith.

Here are the notes in full

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