Welcome Hong Kong

This year the UK is set to welcome an estimated 300,000 Hong Kong Nationals to the UK as the country introduces a new visa that will give residents the right to come and live in the UK. Because of this, we are taking part in an initiative to help welcome them to our city. These Hong Kongers may be looking for a new church or simply wanting to make new friends, either way, we are going to be here for them.

It is our hope and prayer that by doing a good job of welcoming people arriving from Hong Kong this could then help shape wider immigration policy in the UK as well as being a direct source of influence in China.

We know that it takes effort to put on a good welcome and we can’t just stand by and wait for people to arrive. We have to be intentional about reaching out and make the first move. If you would like to be part of the steering team that will help our whole church welcome Hong Kongers this year please do get in touch – you will receive training, learn to work cross-culturally and  learn more about the culture and values of people arriving in the UK from Hong Kong

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