What do I benefit from being in a Small Group?





Our new set of small groups are now available for you to sign up to. We’ve got a great range of Bible studies that we hope and pray will benefit you. You can see all the details, with details of how to sign up, on our calendar but you might be thinking: “What do I benefit from being in a Small Group?” … well I’m so glad you asked .. because here are some top benefits you get from coming along to one of our small group bible studies:

1. Discipleship
Undeniably this is the core of small groups. We need both the pulpit proclamation and the intimacy of small groups to help us walk with God on mission together. Small groups provide us the opportunity for friends to help each other wrestle through difficult questions. By discussing and applying the Bible together, those that attend can learn to understand not only the Bible, but also each other, so that each will know better how to love the other. This is the essence of discipleship: learning how to following God on mission together.

2. Honest discussion
I am not the best preacher in the world .. in fact I’m not very good at all .. which is why small groups are perfect for questions where group members are encouraged to ask questions they might not ask elsewhere. Perhaps they heard me say something on Sunday that just didn’t sound right, and in the safety of a small group those questions can be asked and answers clarified.

3. Hospitality
We love to have people over to the house! Many people are more comfortable and more at ease opening the bible on a sofa with a cup of tea in their hand (the odd biscuit doesn’t go amiss either!). We have the biblical command to love each other (Heb. 13:2, Rom. 12:13), but somethings that feels a bit wishy-washy. What does it mean to love? how do you do it? Well, one great way to start putting theory to practice is to attend a group in someone else’s home and “feel” and “share” the love. Maybe you’re not in a position to host a small group in your home but there are plenty of ways you can encourage each other practically … biscuits again come to mind!

4. Break-in
Let’s face it, being part of a church is sometimes hard. Work schedules, family responsibilities and just general life occurrences make connecting with each other difficult. Small groups can provide a way for those who are trying—or considering whether they would like to try—to break into the life of the church.

5. Prayer
One of the things that marked the NT church was that they prayed together “with one accord” (Acts 4:24). In small groups we can really through praise and petitions.

6. Socialising
We saw recently in our study in Romans that “fellowship” is not a spiritually-neutral activity. As we meet up with friends (and hopefully make new ones) we are obeying the command to love each other. Where socialising meets spirituality, we are fellowshipping.

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