Covid Update – October 21

According to ZOE COVID Study incidence figures, in total there are currently 69,993 new daily symptomatic cases of COVID in the UK. Although this is a decrease of 2% from cases last week it does also mean that we are at the same level of infection as we were in December last year.  The data shows that amongst the double vaccinated population,  cases have been slowly increasing for a few weeks.

Still the most effective way for us to continue meeting in-person, without the need for wearing face masks is that everyone takes a Covid test on Saturday or Sunday morning. The reason for this is so that everyone who is coming to church has tested negative within 24 hours of meeting therefore the risks of meeting are dramatically reduced.

That being said we are making a few changes to our risk assessment next week that are likely to remain in place for the winter months. Whilst these will be announced before next weekend, these may include:

  • a change in the advice around face masks – we currently say “It’s your choice”, and although it still is your choice, we will now be recommending you wear a mask when circulating the building or chatting to each other i.e. on arrival, then removing your mask when your’ve found your seat.
  • restricting the natural air flow around the building and replacing the open doors with an artificial air flow. This will mean that the building is warmer.
  • more chairs put out on a Sunday morning so we can spread out naturally rather than asking you to sign up to come.

Of course that isn’t to say that any of this is fool proof. Our desire is for anyone who wants to come to church that they are welcomed and able to hear the transformed good news of Jesus. Continue to pray for wisdom as we seek to do this.

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