Recharge Your Spiritual Life

Not long ago I had to purchase a new battery for my car. The warning signs had been there for a while … sluggish start, a little apathetic about getting going. Sooner or later the battery will need changing.

By God’s grace our “spiritual battery” never gets changed .. just charged. What level is your “spiritual battery” at?

  • Fully charged?
  • Good, but drained?
  • Weak, probably need a jump start?
  • Very little left; may need help?

Recharging your battery is a must for the Christian. Probably the closest theological term we would use comes from Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus about “being filled with the Holy Spirit”.

So much has changed over the last 18 months or so, and you have absorbed the pressure and stress that came with all the change. How are you dealing with it?

We believe that one of the ways the Holy Spirit fill us is when we apply our hearts and minds to listen to Him speak in His Word. So, for the next 7-8 weeks we’ve put on four different mid-week small groups that you can be part of to help you recharge. The only thing we ask is that you sign up – here are the details:

Small Groups:

Empowered – Monday, 8:00pm – In-person Only

Empowered is a positive, practical and helpful small group that is designed to help you share the good news about Jesus in everyday life.

More details and sign up here

Hearing from God – Tuesday, 8:00pm – In-person Only

Working through a series of practical exercises you’ll be supported to foster healthy habits that will help you to grow in your walk with God. You’ll learn to mediate on God’s Word, reflect on past victories and challenges and increase your faith in a God who speaks. You will need a notebook (recommended types are an A5 Moelskine or Leuchtturm), as well as a good quality black pen (recommended are the 0.5mm Pilot G2)

More details and sign up here

Living by Faith in Fearful Times – Wednesday, 7:30pm – In-person Only

We get to choose whether to live in fearful days or faith-filled days. But how? What can we learn from the saints of old who lived in uncertain times, much like our own? Join this small group for a 7-week journey through Hebrews 11.

More details and sign up here

Discipleship Explored – Thursday, 8:00pm – Online Only

Discipleship Explored helps followers of Jesus turn up the gospel soundtrack to their lives. It goes beyond simply teaching the right moves – go to church, pray, read the Bible, share the gospel – and focuses on the music which drives discipleship: the love of Christ. The greatest love anyone can ever know. This is an eight-session small group through the book of Philippians and is ideal for believers at any stage of the Christian life. This is an online small group that contains live video discussion as well as documentary-style film presentations.

More details and sign up here


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