The disciples saw following Jesus a top priority
They relinquished the routine
They forsook the familiar
They sacrificed their security
Let go of material comfort

To be a disciple and a disciple-makers requires letting go of the old man and grasping hold of the new man in Christ.

Four basic principles for discipleship to ministry
1. Be an example – 1 Cor 11:1. You can only take people as far as you’re willing to go yourself. Discipleship is caught not taught. Connect real life situations to the Bible.

We all needs a Paul – a father, a Barnabas – co-disciple and a Timothy – a son in our lives.

2. Focused Bible time. Not just fellowship time. Col 1:28. There needs to be an purposeful time through books of the Bible, a book or through apologetics.

3. Give opportunities to grow. Luke 9:1-6. Stepping out in service, with safety nets and support offer people to be stretched and grow.

4. Bring accountability. 1 Thess 2:11. Exhortation AND comfort. Not either exhortation OR comfort but both. There is a guidance as well as an encouragement. Learn wheee the line between coach and saviour is. We can’t disciple in everything, nor should we. We should always be pointing them to follow Jesus.

Practical do’ and don’t’s
– Don’t micromanage their life. Let The Lord deal with their heart
– Don’t feel like you have to give them all the answers. Teach them to find the answers for themselves
– Allow them to make mistakes and learn from them
– Don’t take it personally when they don’t do things you’ve advised them
– Don’t put on them unrealistic expectations
– Set boundaries. Don’t have an open door policy. Teach them to go to the Lord.

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