Here are the notes from David Guzik message that the Day in the Word Conference.

Previously Luke has told us that coming to God is like accepting an invitation. It is likely that he included this portion here, at this time, to demonstrate that it’s not exactly like accepting an invitation. So, Luke tells us what Jesus says about being His disciple.

“To be my disciple you must:
….. regard me as God” (verse 26)

If Jesus was not claiming to be God he was telling us to be idolators. Jesus is commanding us to place all good relationships at a lower importance than our relationship with Him. Without apology, Jesus asks that He be of first importance in our lives so that all other relationships seems as hate in comparison.

The danger of idolatry is placing good things in the best place.

…… “have the mentality that you are dead” (verse 27)

Carrying your cross always led to death on the cross. Criminals always carried their cross (or the cross beam) and only had a one way journey to the place of death.

Bearing your cross means living unto Him. It means dying to self.

…….. “Keep your eyes on me” (verse 27)

We follow Him. If we will keep Jesus at the centre it will not be a suffering that will be in vain. He carried His own cross and so must His followers
He walked to his own death and so must His followers

…… “Count the cost”

Two parables demand that we count the cost. Verse 29-30 talk about a building and counting the cost. “Do you have enough resources to be my disciple?”. Verse 31-32 talk about going to war against a much bigger enemy. The question is : “count the cost of going against me.”

Christianity is an evangelistic religion and yet it seems that Jesus is pushing people away – “you cannot be my disciple”. Jesus demands more than simple doctrinal agreement. He demands more than that we add something good to our life – He becomes our life in exchange for ours.

Chapter 15:1 – the result was that tax collectors and sinners turned to him, even though the demand was so great.

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